Alessandro Giorgetti


I’m a humble guy and like to call myself a ‘Software Artisan’.

I’m a developer, a speaker, a technical blogger and an Open Source contributor.

I was between the founders of the .Net user group DotNetMarche and contributed to the birth of the DevMarche community.

In the last years my main focus moved to Distributed, Reactive, Message/Event Driven Architectures and all the toolkits (e.g. Actor Frameworks, ESBs and the likes) that enable and support them.

My skills include: C# and the .NET Framework, Javascript/TypeScript and toolkits/frameworks like Angular and Akka.NET; I’m working hard to catch up on the DevOps side.

I’m also co-founder of SID s.r.l. a company which mainly builds products and custom solutions for the HealthCare System.